Experimental Process (Task 3)

Follow this link to my Assessment 3 submission.

Photo Set


Misuse of materials, using desks as canvas and rubbers as instruments to draw with like brushes. We also started to make a sculpture out of the drawn on desks and chairs and then began to use noses elbows smudged in pencil filings to draw with

This collaboration was fun and interesting to do. The failure was in the misuse if materials and I found it fun to misuse materials, reversing the use of a rubber. This experience showed my that misusing and reversing the purpose of an art tool or material can create surprisingly successful results

Source: ridingthemountain

My next process was made focusing on the incorrect use of tools. I combined the three documentations; painting with a golf-ball, making an artwork with toast and Vegemite, and drawing with the wrong body parts.

I began by collecting the different spreads to use in the artwork - jams, honey and peanut-butter and condensed milk (expanding on the use of Vegemite used by the researched work). I then collected a golf-ball and chose some marbles to increase the experimentation.

Now, I laid out the bread in a square and began to draw. I experimented, using my hands to use the marbles and golf-ball, as well as seeing how I could use my mouth instead of my hands (as I could not use my nose to paint with the balls). The jams were good for this, however the peanut butter and honey were too sticky and hence were very hard to spread. As such I used almost no peanut butter and honey for the process.

From here, I used different spreads for different parts of the artwork. I also mixed some spreads to make new colors. In order to make green, I mixed condensed milk and green sugar crystals together. 

The final product follows.


Here’s my first experimentation with the failure leading to success documents; poring die into a cup from a height, and taking a photo through a straw.

I began by increasing the distance from which I pored the liquid into the cup (compared to the time in class) by poring it from my veranda.

I also experimented with the liquid I was poring in. We used food die when we did it at uni. I decided to try to use watercolor paint, however this was very dull and when multiple colors were used, the paint washed away. I then used some powder-based paints which were very vibrant.

After this, I decided to take a photo through a straw. I experimented with the straws. Firstly, I chose different colors; green, blue and white. After this, I cut the straws to different lengths in order to get more of the actual painting into the photo. I then also tried using the flash, which made the color of the straw stand out without affecting the painting at the end of the straw. Finally, I cut holes into the straws and took more photos, and this added more textures.

Here are the final outcomes;


Note: I’ll just use one of these images (as it’s only one document)



Learning MomentUnconventional tools or use of tools can give a refreshing effect.

Blah blah blah (4 sentence thing describing it)


During this course, I have learnt to much about the experimental process and really enjoyed the freedom in our approach to art. However, during this time there have been three major, stand out learning moments which have really impacted my artistic process. They are;

  • Unconventional tools or use of tools can give a refreshing effect
  • Ephemeral Marks, while quickly fading, leave a lasting impression
  • Deliberate failure can lead to momentous success
Photo Set

Experimentation with erasure

One of the main learning moments from the semester was related to erasure - that it was an art technique of its own. I decided to play around erasing and then adding again to make an image. This is what happened.

Photo Set

Experimenting with photography

I was bored yesterday, so I decided to try take a photo down a straw. These are the results. They were really interesting.

I guess this is an unconventional use of tools and I could incorporate this into my final assessment


Another creative misuse of tools

Here’s another of ‘Red’ Hong Yi’s artworks done in an unconventional way - using food to make artworks. More inspiration for task 3.


Painting with a Basketball

Saw this on facebook and instantly thought of Cofa1001 and using tools incorrectly. In the video, the artist (‘Red’ Hong Yi), uses a basketball to paint a picture of a man with a basketball.

I thought it worked really well.