More Experimentation

Photos 1,2,3 

The process of creating my ‘treasure map’-styled map of the site. First I used Google Maps to see the site from the air, then I drew the objects using a graphics tablet, Adobe Flash and Photoshop. Then I printed it, crumpled, bent, rubbed in dirt and charred the edges to give it an old feeling.

Photos 4,5

Here, I was trying to make a paste out of celery juice as by itself it was too thin to paint with. As such, I tried to thicken it over the stove by evaporating some of the water, it didn’t make it much darker, but there was some improvement.

Photos 6,7

This is another form of documenting my site - I wanted to replicate the different marks made by water - both still and moving. I used dirt, black die and ground rocks to get different colours and effects by adding them to the water.

Photo 8

This was an idea I was playing around with to make use of the words found on the signs around my site in typography. I decided that the image was too dull and that it wouldn’t work well enough.

Photos 9,10

Here I was experimenting with spray paint and stencils. I made stencils of different shapes found on signs around the site and will spray them onto bark in the final presentation.

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